Matoi the Blithering Idiot #09 — Don’t Touch the AC

November 29th, 2016

Dads hate that.


So… the antagonist's big plot was… put up a gigantic barrier visible aross the entire city, turn the AC way down, and then sit there. It was defeated by hitting it with a rock, after the barrier being cracked by throwing the idiot-pot at it, and then finished off by ghost-mom flying out of nowhere to give it a hug when it failed to possess alive-dad because of some other magic paper he happened to be carrying around. This show continues to make me long for the 'strong' writing, characterization, and production of things like Luck and Logic or Ange Vierge. Meanwhile, we're just going to run with Magical Girl Matoi suddenly appearing where Normal Girl Matoi was a second before, and sure, we'll just let that fly because every character in this show has to share the three braincells among them, and it wasn't the turn of any of the characters in that scene to have them.

First half? What first half?

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    Image 5 is a quintessential 2010s anime screencap: underage girl in some degree of undress plus second underage girl making a silly facial expression while breaking the 4th wall

    Still enjoying this show, just wish annoying blue sidekick thing was used as a projectile about eight weeks ago