Hip Whip Whatevers!!!!!!!! #08 — “Run in a Circle And Wait” Attack

November 24th, 2016


Okay, Flash. Maybe this time it'll work. Ninety second time's the charm.


This is exactly why I cannot stand sports and/or Shounen Jump shows, and the opposite of the first episode's refusal to spend hours cutting away from everything or pausing to have characters announce at length everything that's going on. And yet, it might have been everybody oohing, aahing, and Whose-Her-Face abruptly falling in love with the protagonist from… the act of basic sportsmanship at the end (?) may have been the most painful part of the first half. Or maybe I just have a hardset mental limit on the number of closeup shots of Japanese media bathing suit-covered crotches I can take in a day before my body begins to react by showing the symptoms of bowel cancer.

As for the second half, what second half? They spent it in transit and going "Here's 5 seconds of intro to the people you'll be competing against next." You've already got a stable of rival characters which you've done basically nothing with. Hell, the protagonist's rival has been sidelined since the first episode. Do we really need a second stable? Especially one as utterly indistinguishable from the first? Apparently yes. We still have colors on the paint tool left, so we need a few more characters with those hair colors to make sure that's completely covered.

Next Episode:

God, I don't even want to know.

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