Hip Whip Girls!!!!!!!! #06 — Friendship is Idiotic

November 10th, 2016

I think you're actually supposed to struggle to have catharsis.


An episode of two episodes. The first half was this really weird overly sappy nonsense about how apparently Whitey didn't have any friends because she was shy, but by… continuing to be shy and everyone else being just the greatest BFFs ever, now she has friends. And isn't that just the most magical thing ever? Blah blah blah, montage, chew some more scenery, and all I can say is that thank god they stretched this sixty seconds of brainless content into only half an episode instead of the whole thing.

But then we get to the second half and back to the 'meat' as it were of this show. This half could be more or less replaced by a loop of "Pros are better than trainees." They introduce one new character, who has knives for hair, wasted no time in doing schtick with her random gimmick (fussiness), and went back to the loop. The butt-attacking was more godawful and sports-anime than I think ever, with multiple entire paragraphs being recited at the end, from the peanut gallery and both participants, all in shock to a supposedly instant move and reaction. I know show is more expensive than tell, but if you would actually present what you're explaining instead of spending thirty seconds of freeze frame while every character within a thirty foot radius announces their reactions, we can call that a fair trade for longer montages. Your highs have much higher to reach than your lows have to fall.

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  • Anon999 says:

    God, I cannot wait to see a foreign girl with a giant ass show up and knock some asses into the water. I’d give anything to bring back Gundam Build Fighters S3.