Flip Flappers #05 — Evil Lesbian Clock

November 3rd, 2016

Was this supposed to be a horror story?


Well, at least it sort of pretended to be another genre indulgence like episode 3 was. The problem is that instead of doing a ghost story with the characters in it, they just laid some ghost story visuals on top of the existing characters and their shrieking. And even that was pretty much done with by about five minutes into the episode and it was time to get back to focusing on the lesbian overtones. Because a time loop of ghosts forcing girls to be softcore lesbians screams horror story. Hell, they probably considered the entwined lillies next to the bed they curled up together on too subtle. The only horror is how banal their loop was, and how now that they've escaped it, they have to go back to their equally mostly banal day to day life. 

Even if you do buy the music and darkness though, creepy dolls are about as lazy as a horror element as you can get, and loops just make me roll my eyes at the obvious budget cheapness. I'm also about 99% certain that 'horror' wasn't what they were thinking when they decided to have a bed of groping hands paw all the girls. It's also hard to take the Quest For The Widgets seriously when the characters aren't. "Give it to me." "No." "Okay, bye." I'm sorry. Did you just kick someone through a wall to get your hands on it? And now we're just going to wander off after being told no? I'm pretty sure that the Grand Wizard isn't on board with that.

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One Lonely Comment

  • sonicsenryaku says:

    “and loops just make me roll my eyes at the obvious budget cheapness”….but each loop had new cuts of animation while using similar framing to establish the fact that it was loop; I dont see how that’s the animation staff being cheap since they didnt reuse the entire animation clip