Matoi the Sacred Slayer #03 — English Lessons

October 18th, 2016


It's weird that I'm relying on the Japanese for the definition of the English word.

But seriously, what kind of word is apotropiac? Especially passed through a Japanese accent.


I keep hoping that this is going to finally pick things up, actually engage in all the nonsense it keeps expositioning about or teasing, and most importantly, stop sucking, but it seems bound and determined to just continue to be frustrating. I don't even know what there is to say about the first 16 minutes of the episode. Yet more blatant exposition and setup. We're three episodes in, you schmucks. We don't still need to be having the characters mince around about how all of them are secretly up to stuff, both of on their own as well as in front of each other.

So that leaves, what, the action? Pfft. I think the worst part was the monster de jour getting tackled away from them as they were slowly walking away with a huge impact… followed about 2-3 seconds later by a "Huh? What was that?" It's bad enough that they had to show any kind of surprised reaction, but ten thousand times worse when it's that delayed. And then it looked like it was going to end with someone finally deciding to use their special attack to one shot it… except the ED started, and the episode continued on to the exact opposite of that. Well, I'm not sure if demon clowns are the opposite of magic girls, but close enough. At least for once, it didn't end with a character shrieking about how they're naked. Baby steps, I suppose.

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  • anise_punter says:

    At least I learned a new word today, that doesn’t happen too often anymore.