Sword Dance #01 — Emphasis on Dance

October 2nd, 2016


One more idol show today… and I think it's only even supposed to be half-show anyway.

Belated edit:
Yeah, Idol Memories is 50% animated schlock at idol school where they do their bestest at training to be the idolest idols ever to defeat the evil anti-idol meanies, 50% talk/variety show garbage with starlets. Not having any of that.


Episode open: Lightning, menacing music… and pop concert opening complete with dance sequence. Aroduc heaves a weary sigh. It was then followed by a dream sequence where 90% of the effort on the animation seems to have gone for the episode, which gave way to Boys Having Shenanigans for about 16 minutes, before another 90 seconds of half-assed seriousness out of goddamned nowhere, and then concluding with back to snowball fights. I bet I know what's going to be totally cut from the next episode and onward! Hint: It ain't the 20 minutes of faffing around, screaming as 'jokes', teenage feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, or doing each other's hair.

I'm goddamned serious about that last part too. That's apparently one of the ways that they show their close friendship, by weaving flowers into each other's hair. That'd be more weird if the one doing it wasn't wearing bright red nail polish. And less notable if part of the first half of the episode wasn't them simply puttering around a farm, chatting about how they're puttering around the farm, or having baths with their rubber duckies.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Did not we have another anime called blade dance already? Anyway this sucked even more than the other one and that’s quite the accomplishment.