The Outcast #12 — “Look Forward to More Filler!”

September 26th, 2016


Can't wait for the continuation… which is more filler!


My god, was this the pinnacle of imbecilic. To sum it up, the story of "I killed your sensei" was "he was already dying when I found him and begged me to kill him," which is kind of like calling vetrinarians serial pet murderers. But instead of just that, we got nearly forty goddamned minutes of completely unrelated nonsense about her past and godawful sappy "She's LUUUUUVVVEEED you all your life." Play all the saccharine music you want, show, it's not going to work. This isn't even any kind of ending at all either. It may be even worse than that. They're all like "We've got to go TRAIN to enter a TOURNAMENT." My bloody god, people. Even if this show does have more episodes coming at some point, why would you do this?

Final Thoughts:

I had hoped at the start of the show that it could turn the decent action choreography it showed every other episode or so into some kind of at least flashy action bit, but even those low expectations were too high. The protagonist is a sack of absolute nothing who does nothing the entire run but glow a little, the already slow plot keeps getting sucked into pointless flashbacks that go nowhere and add nothing, and the only passable character is the one who just doesn't talk much… and she's only passable because she tends towards violence. This is not worth anybody's time and simply peters out at the end, having resolved not a single plot thread it introduced nor any character having gone through any kind of arc at all.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    They literally pulled this “she has been looking for you your whole life, but pretended it to be the first time she encountered you in episode 1” out of their arses and without any shame in it. Did she not try to kill him then like if nothing?.

    I knew when they started that dumb fucking flashback they were gonna make plot out fart air, but never expected it to be this bad. Glad this is over, agreed the tournament arc will surely be more BS, god bye show you will not be missed.

  • Longing says:

    Man, this show was terribly written. The jokes, the characters, the plot… none of it even approached “passable”, let alone “good”.

    I can’t wait for the tournament where the main character will have a flashback about how he can go past the lightning mode into SSJ3.

  • DP says:

    The show kind of sucked objectively, but it was a bit different in tone, and I ended up enjoying it anyway.

    Mostly due to the female lead, whose characterization remained fairly strong and consistent throughout (even if they did pull the “watch over you” bit out of their asses).

    If by some chance they made a sequel, I’d watch it.

    • DP says:

      Oh, and I really liked the scene where she’s being fought to a stand still, then does a Princess Bridge and goes “but I’m not used to wearing high heels” and then proceeds to kick ass.

  • DP says:

    “Uh, I mean “princess bride” – like “but I’m really LEFT handed”