The Outcast #10 — Meanwhile, Everywhere Else…

September 10th, 2016


Is it the autumn season yet?


Another plodding episode of absolute nothing besides some randomly announced factoids. Lead girl has mega amnesia. Antagonists are off having their own shenanigans. And, uh… that's about it. The first half especially went goddamned nowhere as slowly paced as possible. Why did we need a whole bit explaining how Random Sideguy #5 was going to try to magically treat her just for them to show up and haul her away without it? Why did we need to hear Lead Moron internally ask questions to the Great Space Goat only to then repeat them out loud two seconds later? Why do we need to watch the antagonists have a long conversation about how totally antagonistic they are and what the effects of such will be? Yes, I know the answer is "because writing is hard, and animation budgets don't grow on trees." All this just to get to that she was the one who killed whose-his-face for reasons that will not doubt be immediately clearly explained and not drawn out for another series of dramatic misunderstandings and extended whining sessions. Definitely. Why do they even want this idiotic schmuck anyway?

Next Episode:

A whole episode in the hospital?

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