Tales of Zestiria #12 — Jesus Power Activate!

September 26th, 2016


Now with sidekick Jesette.


Well, at least the antagonist actually fought back instead of simply standing there, being impervious until the plot says otherwise. Besides doing exactly that for the first couple attacks, I mean. Unfortunately, those approximately twenty seconds of quasi-action would also be the only part of the episode that wasn't godawful; starting with the antagonist stating that his plan was to let Sorey become a super hero just so he could defeat him for super ultimate extra despair before simply wandering off to the dumb bonding thing with Alisha that really should've probably come about eight episodes prior, and god only even knows what point it serves because she's immediately wandering right off again instead of joining Jesus and his harem to go do her own thing for the eventual next season. I guess that was supposed to be emotional, but hell if I could tell you why. Or why they decided to end with a left turn into Sorey being super-duper Jesus out of bloody nowhere.


'Final' Thoughts:

Since a continuation has already been announced after a break, this isn't so much a good bye as see you again… except probably never because I think my patience with this show has just about run its course. While not as bad as Macross in the "nothing really happens" department, it would've been better served with about a quarter of the episodes. While it has UFOTables signature pretty set pieces, the actual action falls flat because it's usually against ugly-ass CGI or is over just as soon as a protagonist decides to try for real, whereupon they win in one attack. Or the enemy simply decides to piss off and come back some other day for no good reason.

The characters are also insufferably flawless in every way. "Too selfless" is not a goddamned flaw. The show itself would be at least an episode shorter if they stopped rambling on about how perfect Sorey and Alisha are. It also really only served to highlight how much more interesting Berseria's cast was in those two awkwardly shoved-in episodes transparently produced to advertise that game. Someone actually got killed there, and another person was wearing books as clothing. Those two things alone make that cast far more interesting than Jesus, Female Jesus, and The Jesus Cheerleader All Stars.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Zestiria at least didn’t have any super-annoying little kids in it, spunky little kid party members are among my least favorite things.

  • The Phantom says:

    There is no harem here when mr jesus is completely gay for blue haired gayfriend. Yea the plot is terrible and main characters are worse, is basically Jesus and party vs lord of Calamity to save the world.

    Sorey, too goody-goody.
    Alisha, is basically the same but with a princess background. She is way weaker in the game, far more insecure.
    Mickleo, this guy plot is pretty much following Sorey around and screaming SOREY!, every 5 minutes.
    Edna, she is snarky but nothing else past some good comments, she does make fun of Mickleo in the game though.
    Lailah, she seemed to have a deeper and more interesting story to tell than everyone else but her part was downplayed slightly, she pretends to be a airhead, and hints Mickleo and Sorey real relationship in the game, I liked her a lot.
    Dezel, Zaveid, these were much better than main cast, liked their skits a lot.
    Rose, I think she being an assassin and killing people was her main selling point, she would not mind killing people so long is for the greater good, and will do so with a smile on her face. Far more complex than the rest, she and Alisha’s exchanges in the DLC, are just WOW:


  • Longing says:

    Yeah, gotta admit I don’t understand what was up with Sorey’s immediate evil-to-good thing at the end. Felt thrown in there to add drama. Or it could have been a better executed holdover from the game. I have no idea.

    Still, even though it was slow paced and kinda boring At least the animation was good and it had a unique look to it. I enjoyed it well enough.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Eh, it had it’s ups and downs, mostly the very characters were supposed following through this mess. But all in all, like Rokka and Kabeneri, not a bad way to waste a few hours on a weekend. Hearing people talk about the game at least makes me want to try it for myself.