Ange Vierge #11 — Open Relationship

September 17th, 2016


Oh good. Garland's the last boss.


They tried to do this whole bit on how Saya felt betrayed by Amane hooking up with all the other girls and how their relationship wasn't monogamous/special any more, but all I could think is how utterly superficial all of their friendship and allies crap was. Or perhaps that the harem would immediately throw itself at anybody who smiles for them. They'd be taken advantage of a lot at mixers, that's for sure. It's a happier thought than wondering what the hell happened to the already severely lacking budget. How do we show that they're totally overmatched? Here's a half dozen stills. And then they can sit on the sidelines while the big girls play. Yeah, all that whinging on about friendship was for goddamned nothing. And by big girls, I mean the very first miniboss they beat… who is also going to be playing the part of the last boss for god only knows what reason.

But at least it didn't end in a goddamned hug. Naked explosion and orgasm screaming, yes. Obviously. But from getting… well, I can't actually say what happened there. I suspect the animators don't either.

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  • Shadow Chaser says:

    Maybe this show would be better if they just sat in the bath all the time and did nothing else.