Ange Vierge #10 — Overkill

September 10th, 2016


If you're leaving craters, you're not using big enough munitions.


Light Novel World girl kind of got the shaft here… or did she? This breaks formula in a couple ways. One, but the two stooges interacting with the main plot, and since they have guns, immediately take down the entire idiot brigade all at once. Maybe we should stop taking baths all the time and post some guards. Two, Light Novel World girl's whole non-arc was compressed into a single episode, above and on top of that. Not that it meant they had any more budget for anything. The bath-attack by the stooges was embarrassingly godawful and was approximately 100% stills. You can do better than this, Silver Link.

But mostly what it means is that instead of having two different bits where she and her world-buddy-turned-antagonist fight with 15 minutes of gap in between them, it was just a single fight to get to the obligatory friendship-saving slap/explosion/hug. It's the exact same brand of awfulness, but in only a single episode instead of stretched out across multiple. That's… kind of an improvement, I guess? Well, I guess Whose-Her-Face solved her issues on her own without having to get naked and uncomfortable with the blue-haired one. That's certainly an improvement. Especially after that long 'comedic' introductory bit about the cyborg calling all of them old.

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