The Outcast #08 — Training Arc Continues

August 27th, 2016


Now entering the 8th episode.


Another episode piling on the evidence that this show's best days are behind it, and even those were pretty bad. It's stopped piling on the flashbacks, but astonishingly, it's not moving any faster for it. If anything, it might even being slower. This episode just had the protagonist getting touched and rubbed by women, whining, then 'training,' which almost entirely consisted of blathering over lazy-ass loops trying to masquerade as action.

Meanwhile, the lead girl fought some door guards off-screen, then fought some more door guards, mostly off-screen again, all leading up to the cliffhanger for next episode, where she'll fight… another door guard. I'm not sure what was stupider, when they cut away from the fight to stare at a guy going over idiotic platitudes, or when they cut away from him to show a sky scraper slowly spinning. It was another episode of absolutely goddamned nothing at any rate.

Next Episode:

The door guardest door guard.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon999 says:

    I’m surprised her dress hasn’t been torn during the fighting. God forbid showing us a panty shot or something.

    • dlp says:

      I enjoy this show’s understated comedy as it pokes fun at the tropes of the martial arts genre. I think it’s deliberate.

      • Longing says:

        I feel like there’s little difference between having poor writing and being trope-y on purpose and doing it on accident. Both are painful to watch.