The Outcast #07 — Whores and Whoring

August 20th, 2016


At least there were no flashbacks this week.

I have social obligations/a dog parade to attend this morning. I'll get to Ange Vierge early afternoonish most likely.


It's a challenge to decide what the dumbest part of this episode was. There are so many, and the episode contained absolutely nothing but a deluge of imbecility. The first half was mainly focused on him whining about how he can't concentrate because he keeps getting erections from being in the same zip code as a female, so she calls in some whores, with the predictable result of him throwing a tantrum, so they just up, Chinese whores apparently not being known for their patience. Except all this glosses over that the whole thing is predicated on her having a two second mind meld with him that gives him… extra powers or something? Even with the idiotic attempt at exposition, it's not clear.

Then he temper tantrumed off in the second half because they don't respect him enough (gee, I wonder why) and immediately becomes a damsel in distress again when he lets himself be picked up on the side of the road and dragged into some guy's office to be taken advantages of by an older man. If this is reminding you of some kind of blackmail porn, then we're in the same boat. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Protagonist decide that the problem was Houhou not being enough of a slut, so they play Pretty Princess Dressup with her to whore her out to him with the help of antagonist girl who has unceremoniously joined team protagonist for not even any kind of flimsy reason.

Next Episode:


More whoring.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fadeway says:

    Chinese anime is a whole new type of weird.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    One of the few things I’ve never understood in anime is why -WHY- are literally every whore, prostitute, etc., women who are actually supposed to look slutty and fuck men, are the only ones that are always made to look ugly, plain, or just unattractive in a world (medium) where almost every female character never ages beyond 25 and have the bodies or inflatable real dolls.