The Outcast #05 — Physical Abuse is Hilarious

August 6th, 2016


It's okay if you make a funny face.


Basically the only parts of this show worth watching have been the fights, so I question the wisdom of an episode made up entirely of pointless non-info dumps conveying such useful information as "We have no idea what we're doing" or "My generic abused child background makes literally no sense whatsoever." They also added yet another uncomfortably physically abusive character right before turning him into a caricature too. All of it leading up to… just the pitch to join, which the protagonist of course rejected, but was then physically beaten until he relented. That was a joke, somehow. And then he was kidnapped by a fat goblin and/or additional members of the harem.

So basically, the worst episode of the show to date by a long margin, and this show wasn't a prize winner to begin with. I think mainly what this episode accomplished is giving Qualidea Code a foot in the door for staying on despite how awful that's been too.


Next Episode:


Apartment building.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    So, this people beat to pulp to everyone that not joins or refuses to collaborate with them?

    I know its not gonna happen, but it would be really sweet to see the main character stab them in the back at some point to join the “bad” guys just to see Jo asking “WHY” and mc answering “why I would not?

    It was just like Taboo Tattoo last week, but worse, this MC suffer some kind of stockholm syndrome? Taking the people who is blackmailing them and beating them as “nakama”.

    JESUS even the “bad” guys gave them more options that these organizations of goodoers.

  • The Phantom says:

    The silver dude beating people for no reason and treating them to leave them invalid (and a girl on top of that) is definitely not fun to watch, especially when it becomes “funny?” as they argue over beating her or not, and using a bat to make someone join your team is not “funny?” either.

    Whoever is doing this violence-then-funny-in-the-middle-and-then-more-violence is certainly some twisted sicko, in any case is not funny, if the show is violent commit to it dont try to “soften” the violence with non-funny parts.

    • Neclord X says:

      I guess since is a Chinese work they just limited themselves to “copy” what Japanese do, you know, it’s their version of slapstick, but since slapstick is not their thing but something they are imitating they don’t fully get how it works and go a bit too far.