Tales of Zestiria #08 — Random Orc and Dragon

August 28th, 2016


At least they animated these.


It certainly says something about the direction and composition of this show that they put non-trivial effort into animating a fight against a random orc (a random spinning orc), but not against giant centipedes. This whole episode was weird in general. It dumps out a pair of new party members in that orc fight, the token Tales snarky 'little' girl, and the token Tales half-naked playboy who will betray the party, replace the one who betrays the party, or both. I'm also pretty sure that I lost the thread of the story here. Weren't they traveling with Alishia's giant entourage through relatively normal forests? Now they're all by themselves in the middle of a blasted wasteland feeling up little girls and fighting a dragon.

Well, I can't say the sudden exceedingly abrupt lurching refocus of events isn't welcome compared to the fat lot of nothing before, but the whole thing with her brother being a dragon, mopey flashbacks, multiple characters yelling about how much they care about him… all that plus Sorey's obnoxious nonsense about doing his best make it all superficial at best because it goes through everything so fast. And even at the end, doesn't actually provide any kind of resolution to anything. The dragon just has its moment of recognition and flies off, all this to be dredged up once again in the future. It would've worked much better without the half-naked guy or Sorey's hero complex, and completely focused on Edna. Woudn't have meshed any better with previous episodes and would've still been largely superficial, but at least it would've been focused.     

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Regulus says:

    Dealing with the dragon ends up being a late game sidequest. Who knows if they end up getting to it in this.

  • The Phantom says:

    Having hot chicks joining the party is meaningless when Sorey is openly gay, the real heroine of the story is Mickleo and he is coming back next episode.

  • The Phantom says:

    You really should give another go to Qualidea and RE-Zero, Qualidea took a matrix like turn where the boys reality is being manipulated and the adults are most likely not human, and Re-Zero got much better lately.

    Those shows are the highlight of this season they should not be missed imo.