Tales of Zestiria #07 — Walkabout

August 21st, 2016


At least the Berseria cast actually had valid things to bitch about.


Ugh. Back to these prosaic pillocks and the plodding plot that protests progress. Alliteration is the only way I can amuse myself. This episode was totally devoid of anything approaching action or animation too, unless you count some awful CGI faffing around in the air that then got one-shot. How heroic. Besides that, Sorey gets hit on by an old man, Mikleo pisses off for some alone time and gets chased off a cliff, and… uh… that's kind of about it for the episode. They spend the remaining 10 minutes or so clenching their fists about insecurities and/or talking about the local flora, fauna, landscape, and world situation. And a disproprotionate time gassing on about how drinks taste for some goddamned inexplicable reason.

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  • Tiresias says:

    “Oh hey there’s a monster maybe we’ll finally get some actio-”