Not-Tales of Zestiria #06 — Eat Me

August 14th, 2016


Oh, are we finally tired of just standing around and ready to die for the great cause?


Who on Earth could have possibly thought that the 'wacky' mage was a good idea. She pops up out of nowhere with a goddamned circus theme amid a dragon rampage and blaring drama music and proceeds to give even the most imbecilic of quirky Final Fantasy imbeciles a run for their money in the idiocy department. She sticks out like a three pound forehead cyst. And then she and ol' Whose-Its go ahead and start fighting the dragon, mostly offscreen, while everyone else has their drama time, complete with shouty insert song, which might have had more impact if the one getting absorbed as sparklies had shown any more personality, emotion, or involvment with events than a scratching post.

Still though, I think I'll be sad to see this leave and things go back to Zestiria. This has done a much better job setting up the characters and quest for Berseria in two episodes than Zestiria's segment did in four. None of its sins, CGI dragon, nonsense characters, etc, are not shared on the other side of things, and as out of place as the witch girl is, I still prefer her over No-Fun-Allowed Mikleo and the ritalin girls. Also, each episode remains mercifully about two or three minutes shorter, although this week used the Berseria game opening along with an extended credit sequence again.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_ounter says:

    “the most imbecilic of quirky Final Fantasy imbeciles”

    Alright people, who’s the first one that came to mind for everybody?

  • The Phantom says:

    Is that mage girl skirt made of books?, what kind of stupid char design is that Bamco!