Ange Vierge #06 — Right-hand Rule

August 13th, 2016


We really needed that explained? With diagram? Just to say it wouldn't work?


I don't know if I blocked it out, but I don't remember the angel girl being quite this shrill and obnoxious in past episodes. That intro bit had a high pitched shriek to almost every sentence that just kept driving a wedge straight into my temple. It looks like this is going to be how things go for the rest; a two episode 'arc' for each character against their mentor which barely has enough content to be a single episode, padded out by nonsense. Didn't even have any action this week. Just about three stills while people were yelling about friends.

Angel Girl got separated at the halfway point and the next seven or eight minutes were spent just standing about 20 feet apart, blathering about friends, how nice her black wings were, etc. Maybe they were going for making it disturbing, what with the drunken grin and vaguely sociopathic rambling on about jealousy, but it's difficult to tell the difference between that and the usual bath nonsense where they say the exact same things. It's the kind of thing that would have been accomplished approximately 10 times more effectively, faster, and more viscerally if she walked up and ripped a wing off. But that's certainly too hardcore for this show, not to mention would require actually animating something, which this episode in particular had absolutely no interest in doing.

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