The Outcast #04 — “I’m The Deus Ex Machina!”

July 30th, 2016


He shouted, bursting out from the ground, and then completely disappeared from the episode.


As usual, 30 seconds of action, bad attempts at humor awkwardly jammed in, and long flashbacks out of nowhere that add nothing, further stretching out something that's already ridiculously stretched out. Well, I guess they add something to the protagonist, in that the other characters must think that he's a raving lunatic the way he spaces out for a moment and then blurts out some random non sequitur. Or it would if they had any form of personality. Or situational awareness.

Anyway, I think my 'favorite' bit of stretching out came when the antagonist and soon-to-be-protagonist were trying to escape and had this ridiculously long conversation about the name of the group after them that went something like: "It's that group." "That group? What group?" "The group that's chasing us." "Who's chasing us?" "The group that's chasing us." "Who are they?" "The name of the group that's chasing us is…" and then they were interrupted. Christ, guys. It was almost like a "Who's on first?" routine. Does anybody ever stop and ask "What is the point of this bit?" Well, that's silly. I know what it is. To pad out the time with as little effort and as little content as possible.

Next Episode:

Recruiting whose-its.

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