Tales of Zestiria #04 — My Evil Sense is Tingling

July 31st, 2016


Oh no! Evilness! And CGI bats!


Good lord. Did we really need to spend a quarter of the episode on that bit about how Alisha can talk to Sorey's invisible friends when they have absolutely nothing to say? Seriously. "Hey, we can talk." "K. Bye." Except it took five minutes to get through and then they went off to the real fun, talking about their spider sense, poking at walls, and council meetings. What a thrilling and enthralling first half. They couldn't even let "you stumbled across a secret door" go without question and explanation.

Unfortunately, the 'action' this week was exceptionally phoned in. They fought a bunch of CGI bats by flailing at a cloud until one of them said screw it and fireballed the whole thing. And then they spent a while blathering on about how difficult walking and breathing is for him and how he needs to conserve his power level. All this leading up to the reveal of the grand quest to… go on adventures and defeat the evil overlord. But only if he's strong enough to do that. You're causing me physical pain with this BS, guys.  


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    This “We can speak to Alisha” Anchor was important for me, but the scene after the Bat fight with this Water CGI was useless, they could save this cgi Budget for this “only for show” effect, it also lacks the thrilling of the fights. Yeah nice Boss fight, but Sorey feels like have Lvl 99 and the Boss Bat lvl 1. Only the “Zerg” was his really strength, where Leilha make it quick with her Fire (in the game she was also my strongest Mage)

    Also for this Hurricane, we already know for what purpose it is there. the “tales of” company PR already spoil the beans

    So yeah, this Episode feels like 6/10 for me. this Water poring in after the Bat boss fight was just trowing money out of the Window

    do not get me wrong Aroduc, i am an fan of the “Tales of ” merchandise and such, but i do not have the “All is right!” googles on my nose

  • Neclord X says:

    You definetively dropped RE:Zero? Didn’t saw the episode review this week. If you dropped it…well, you certainly picked one hell of a moment to drop it. I don’t even care much about the show and still this episode made me so mad its kind of impressive in a bad way. Literally 20 minutes of dialogue, and the contents of the dialogue are…unspeakable, you…you have to watch it to belive how bad it was.

  • Subaru says:

    Well I almost dropped Re:Zero , So I feel you if you did, btw senpai, what do you think of my anime post ?