Regalia #03 — A Tale of Two Scripts

July 21st, 2016


Forget the same page. Are all the writers even in the same book?


Are we absolutely sure that Sunrise didn't contribute writers here? Because the first half of this episode was incomprehensible nonsense. Not blathering incomprehensible nonsense, so it absolutely could have been worse, but between the antagonist abruptly getting exploded in a hug of death and replaced with Lancebot du Lac, the arches of bleeding eyes, the giant puddle of spurting oil pure engulfing darkness, the astral chase scene through the darkness of the mind until confronted with her dark self, the human-mech arm getting stabbed off, and god only knows what other detail I'm forgetting, all I could think was that someone got a page from the script to a corny fourteen sick show about such overwhelming darkness mixed in and everyone scratched their head and just went with it.

They briefly tried to explain a small part of it in the second half, but then was like "screw that, it's friendship time," and everyone went off to make candy and eat cakes for the rest of the episode while mincing about how much they care about each other for doing their best. It was like stepping into an entirely different show, one totally divorced from cackling magical stage magiciabots and bleeding eye architecture. And let me tell you, as much nonsense as the first half was, I'll take a thousand of that over another goddamned set of girls sitting around, cooking and giggling about how much they treasure their friendship.

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  • The Phantom says:

    I hate lolis, I would never understand Japan fascination with underage girls, is a cultural thing I guess, little children are not cute, little children are ANNOYING.

    I like the battle scenes in this show, the rest is just trash.