Regalia #02 — Magic Man

July 14th, 2016


The most terrifying of all the robot masters.


Any attempts this tries to make at being taken seriously are extremely undermined by them thinking that it's not just a good idea, but a hilarious one to not only have a reporter at a big political news conference ask "How big are your tits?" but have her get flustered and treat that as a serious question while the entire room waits with bated breath for an answer. Like the first, this episode was mostly pissing around, except this time it was more dry info dumping and sitting around the table discussing nonsense instead of sentimentality.

The apparently robot fight was also vastly reduced in length down to just a couple minutes and still incomplete, to be finished next week. It was also really not connected to things, being of the "we must kung-fu fight because… we must kung-fu fight" variety more than anything else. They were also way too proud of copying Magic Man from Megaman. The theme would've gotten across fine without the insane ranting about how he's doing magic and foppish dancing. Maybe all antagonists for this show are required to be stark-raving mad lunatics.

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