Macross Delta #18 — I Have No Arms and I Must Sing

July 31st, 2016


Well, at least making no sense is a little different.


Wait, is Purple finally dead, about fifteen episodes after when she should've died? From what? Song power? Is that why everybody kept getting transported into the music dimension and having their clothes explode? And if not, why was there a special ED for her? Because she had some random flashback or two about being dismembered in a lab? And for that matter, why did everyone spend the last couple minutes of the episode grunting? Is that what they think an awesome dog fight is? Hayate grunting for two or three minutes straight while he chases after some guy in a straight line. Does grunting make planes go faster? How do they not go hoarse?

As you can see, the last eight or so minutes were full of questions. Not so much with the first half of the episode. That only had one question: "Why are we seeing this?" Everyone bums around, Freyja and Hayate run into that one guy who looks slightly more like a fridge than the other antagonists guy and chat cordially with him, and then having done whatever technobabblish thing they were there to do, piss right off into the grunting/idoling thing that they're trying to call an action scene.  


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Whiskey Golf says:

    The grunting’s an actual thing that fighter pilots do IRL. When you’re pulling high-g maneuvers like that it tends to get harder to breath and you need more effort to breathe , yeah. Like in a 6G sustained turn, 6 times the force of gravity is acting on you. Those snap turns they like? Easily in excess of 9G.

  • Chipp says:

    I’m not sure about where you’ve seen dismemberment in this episode – look closer at your own screenshot, part of her body/limbs is under some water/liquid.