Train Zombos #09 — Umbrella Corporation

June 9th, 2016


I know, let's just betray everyone… because I'm evil.


This arc (and show) continues to go downhill. This week, by tapping into the inner-Resident Evil and going with just the most nonsensical, most idiotic plan possible solely for maximum evil. The plan goes something like: 1.) Unleash monsters. 2.) Unleash SUPER ULTRA monster. 3.) ??? 4.) Grab marginally more power. 5.) Screw it, we're Nazis now. It'd be one thing if it was being presented by some kind of unhinged lunatic (which would bring its own problems) or he was twirling a Snidely Whiplash moustache evilly, but they continue to try to present Mr. L'Oréal as some kind of genius master planner and exploiter of all the waifs around him, and it simply doesn't work at all. The bad writing creep is seeping into the direction too, as they've now added magic to the setting out of absolutely nowhere. You heard that right. Characters are now shooting energy beams. Just out of nowhere. Energy beams.

Further not helping was how the protagonists were all but elbowed out of the story this week for maximum evil, which just makes it all feel even more exploitative, but also causes narrative problems since there weren't any actual actors in the story standing up to any of the evil plans or even being involved in fighting anything. Simply twenty minutes of Shampoo Jim running roughshod over the peasantry to get things back to an oppressive regime… which is where the whole thing started in the first place… but this time, it's personal. Mumei was the only one who really did anything above and beyond gasping and going "Oh no!", and that was just a continuation of her degredation into exploited helpless waif.

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  • V1cious says:

    Downhill… after that episode? Damn man, how exclusive are your tastes?

    • aklik says:

      It wasn’t the tastes problem, it was awfull episode.
      p.s. but his tastes are bad nonetheless…

  • kenuran says:

    Well we are finally getting to that point that you’d expect from the writers and makers of Guilty Crown and Valvrave. That point where every major thing that happens either barely makes real sense or is completely stupid.

    I liked the part where that motorcycle guy who led the zombies into the town cut that suspension bridge cable with a knife. As if the cable is just made out of rope.

    • Javi says:

      What doesn’t make sense? There are a lot of unrealistic things, but I think that’s a premature conclusion.

      Cutting a suspension bridge cable isn’t all that hard to swallow in a show about fighting zombies. Not possible in our world, but then again we don’t have zombies here either.

    • Tiresias says:

      >>Guilty Crown and Valvrave

      I knew these later parts reminds me of something!

  • Javi says:

    I agree that this felt very Resident Evil, but I am not bothered by such a thing.

    The pretty boy turning into a full villain wasn’t any surprise either. He was never portrayed as actually good, plus I don’t think he’s much of a genius. None of his tricks were all that complicated either.

    The part about the energy beam was silly. However, it didn’t come “out of nowhere” since we saw that huge blue glowing ball before in the core of the other giant kabane hybrid.

    That blue core seems to be where they get such energy from, and thus what powered the blast. I thought it was blatantly obvious, in fact.

  • kooooooooooooo says:

    you are a evil tsundere anime reviewer

  • residentgrigo says:

    The show doesn´t have a real identity and ultimately lacks a narrative, so ep.9 finally proved my last. I even had to fast forward after the middle!
    The animation was the ONE reason i stuck around till now but that aspect became a cringe-worthy free fall and the show can´t bother to use it´s own setting (finger lasers WTF?). The villains are now just Umbrella Nazi´s… because writing is hard. Who knows if the show had a chance to be good if a better writer than the always laughable Ichiro Okouchi wasn´t picked but he coudn´t bother to go full retard and the final result is the definition of a 5/10. Neither good, nor bad and certainly unmemorable. Goodby (hopefully) forever Okouchi, you wasted enough of my time.

    The current Titan manga arc is pretty interesting, Crossed +100 is trucking on, and there are always the Walking Dead comic + games. With so much sub-genre goodness to chose, why even bother here? Can I am a Hero get a proper adaptation or Dorohedoro? There are so many good genre manga outside of the Shounen demographic to be adapted / discovered. Sigh.

    • Opulent Rag says:

      “The show doesn´t have a real identity and ultimately lacks a narrative…”

      I feel pretty much the same way about a bunch a anime I watched this season. Like it all just congeals into thick slurry of bland shounen and LN bullshit.

      • residentgrigo says:

        Then go American, with “Voltron Legendary Defender”. It is one of the best mech “anime” in a decade, and it´s not even from Japan… sigh. Another strong point is that the show is actually funny and that can also be recommended to kids and female viewers, and how rare is that in such action shows?
        TLD ultimately proves that modern anime is broken, if any thing, and that Netflix toons are industry leaders. On to season 2! 8,5/10

  • residentgrigo says:

    @Aroduc It´s certainly better than the current abortion that dares to call itself part of the (uneven) Macross legacy. I lasted exactly 1 ep., purely marketing driven low-budget nonsense.

    Next season looks like shit btw. Berserk (my favorite comic ever) may be interesting though, as it promises to fix the deeply broken movies.