Re:Zero #13 — “Cause I Said So!”

June 26th, 2016


That is not the face of whatever they thought that was the face of.

I flipped quickly through the KonoSuba OVA which I forgot existed from yesterday. It had Darkness doing 'push-ups', by which I mean humping the ground, doing squats that send her breasts flailing, and then dressup and bath time for all the girls to wash him and shoot water up his ass. So… I guess that's certainly 'bonus' episode material. I've got better things to do than suffer through it just to gawk at some flopping vacuum-packed breasts.


It really speaks to the patience that literally everyone in the kingdom has that they're content to just stand there and listen to teenagers throw temper tantrums for five minutes straight. And speaks to the imbecility of the characters that they feel no shame in throwing extended tantrums. The world revolves around them after all. Meanwhile, our protagonist just does what he always does; yell out random nonsense and then clutch his chest and suffer. Someone calls him undignified for acting like a prat and throwing a tantrum when "Cause I said so!" isn't a good argument, and he responds by falling to pieces, looking like someone disemboweled his dog, and throwing an even bigger tantrum, and then is extra double triple quadruple angstified when this does in fact not endear him to one of the boob-carrierers. God help him if he ever stubs his toe, because that would be at least four episodes of moaning over it while looking extra constipated.

The second half of the episode goes through this again, but this time more physically to give him something to really bitch about, and then going right back to "I care most about you!" "No, I care the most about you!" And him getting physically sick because they have a little fight over who's being the most melodramatic. It's both of you, you blithering twatcakes. You are both the worst, most self-absorbed jackasses, making superficial gestures of 'kindness' and then throwing fits when you're not rewarded for them with the love and respect you believe you so clearly deserve, all the while acting with the emotional maturity and personal interaction skills of a three year old.   

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    The sunset lighting of… MELODRAMA.

  • elior1 says:

    i glad emilia left him he deserved it. the man went completly insane look at his face

  • Jack says:

    It only gets more melodramatic from here. The source material is brutal later on.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    God, I’ve never wanted a group of characters to be drowned in their own piss this bad before, and I actually watched the likes of Konsuba and Dungeon girls.

  • The Phantom says:

    Main character is so absolutely pathetic, I had to pause several times and look away in disgust. Everything he does is so devoid of basic common sense, he also farts drama from his mouth every 3 minutes, for the love of Jesus, male lead STFU.

  • Tank says:

    For 12 episodes I’ve been waiting for the MC to gain some maturity and common sense in hope that he might make Emilia happy. Now I just hate his guts.

  • jesus says:

    This mc is like Bizon and Slaine making a shit baby.

  • arknoir says:

    there’s a soccer nickname for players who fall to pieces in the box(pressure)……jigsaw. In this instance its every time he gets put in his place when he plays up.

    Plus the MC still comes off more of a heel than felt and her terrorist ideology. Everyone else came off like good guys even the racist senator spewing his crap at emilia.