Re:Zero #12 — Date Episode Part 8

June 19th, 2016


Oh good, I was hoping for yet another one.


Dumbass wanders around town with girls, runs into random mooks from the first arc, gets introduced to the new handful of female flesh that will be falling all over him for this new arc, 'shocking' reveal in the last 5 seconds that could've had the same impact if it had come in the first 5 seconds. And of course they skipped the OP and ED again, because like always, there's just so much content in the above that they needed the extra time to show… bumming around with the village brats? Going shopping?

And it commits the cardinal sin of this show, not messily killing the protagonist. That's really all that I think I can hope for at this point. What do our characters do? Sit around while random NPCs ramble on and on or bump into new ones who go "Hi, I'm a new sack of mobile tits to rub on you so I'm already as important to events as that idiotic albino chick." Going nowhere. Doing nothing. Nothing happening. 24 minutes down the toilet yet again. We've had maybe four episodes worth of actual content, and yet, counting all the extra run time from the double length first episode and skipped OP/EDs, we're at around four and a half hours. Christ almighty, White Fox.

No matter how terrible next season is, at least for a few weeks, it'll be new. And that will be an improvement over a constant drudge of absolutely nothing.

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  • Opulent Rag says:

    [No matter how terrible next season is, at least for a few weeks, it’ll be new. And that will be an improvement over a constant drudge of absolutely nothing.]

    I’m looking at this like it’s gonna be your tagline at the end of every season.

  • Random Shitposter says:

    I really don’t get what people like about this show. It’s still just the generic reincarnation semi-harem for me. The reset theme would be an intersting plot device but the author doesn’t use it properly. I don’t really care if MC’s date got reset yet again, we all know this type of show will bring him and magical main girl together and they’re all friends now anyway.
    I also don’t get the big dramatical music cliffhanger here – it’s Felt. So what? I expected her, because it’s what this type of show always does: making every haremette some special snowflake for harem reasons. Or semi-haremette. I don’t even really know what this show is aiming for.

  • Paulo27 says:

    Hey, you watched all of Utawarerumono 2, I thought at this point you’d be used to entire cours of nothing relevant happening ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Utawarerumono 2 at least had a big cast,fanservice and movement form location to could delude yourself into thinking that eventually MC would step up help rule the empire and maybe have some powers like the guy in Utawarerumono 1.Can you imagine subaru doing anything interesting?

      • O-(-'.'Q) says:

        Subaru is by design a normal schmoe who has lived in the world for about two months. His claim to fame is being able to respawn after dying horribly. He’s not One Punch Man, nor is he Action McNinja who can save all the ladies and walk off into the sunset like a samurai James Bond.

        And all that said, yes, you can expect him to finally be capable when he actually manages to learn to do something, but it’s not going to happen until the resolution of this arc.

        Don’t expect the next episode to enthrall you because it’s going to be drama, but the episode after that may be interesting depending on how accurately they choose to present it. I personally expect them to censor the bloody shit out of it (pun intended?), but I’m sure you will hate it no matter what they do so… I guess keep torturing yourself watching things you hate? :-]

  • elior1 says:

    someone said this in another blog and i agree that episodes without subaro deaths are boring the smae goes to me.that one of the things i love in this

  • arknoir says:

    creepier than silver trap from 99+1 = infinite stratos is the MC
    from this. I don’t get his obsession in helping the half breed silver lass and his flirting is deuce bigalow quality and the girl dont get it.

    Secondly his grandstanding persona is annoying to hell. He’s giving it the big one to that purple haired knight for speaking to silver lass, but I laughed when the knight looked at him like he stepped in a turd……. cos he’s a turd.

  • Anonymous says:

    are you ready for next season where subaro has 2 eps per princess candidate, getting their backstory + date?

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved how he tried to list his accomplishments only to conclude that he got bitten by dogs a lot and did not accomplish much.also let us not forget the “hilarious” gag about him being possessive and jealous when it comes to the purple knight.since each princess has a knight im assuming the knights will fight and subaru will just hack it by eventually getting good at it.subaru won’t be auto chosen, the first few eps of the next season will be about him manipulating events so he is chosen

  • Fuwaa says:

    “Hi, I’m a new sack of mobile tits to rub on you.”

    I’m not sure how I’d respond to an introduction like that.

  • Tank says:

    Well, Seinfeld was a show about nothing and it still managed to be entertaining. ;)

    • Aroduc says:

      Random Girl of the Week on Seinfeld had a more nuanced and deeper relationship than anybody in this show.

      Also, every Seinfeld episode had an A plot, B plot, and frequently, a C plot, start to finish. This has just now reached its C plot… in serial instead of parallel.