Hundred #12 — Did Anybody Remember to Bring a Last Boss?

June 20th, 2016

No? Well, uh… You. You're the last boss now.


This episode caught me a little bit by surprise. It really doesn't feel like the end of the season because goddamned nothing is building towards anything or any kind of conclusion. And hell, as of about the halfway point of this episode, Blondie still hadn't gotten up out of her chair. Protagonist and Girlfriend were still fighting random grunts. 'Big Boss' was shot by Random NPC #47 completely removed from everything else going on. And then Dream Girl decided to astrally project herself around and start kissing random people because… Protagonist Genes? Luckily, one of the anti-heroes became a huge monster, so there was something to minge at about the power of whatever before overcoming it in a single anticlimactic blow. Way to go team. Now quick, toss up some kind of slapdash romantic moment in the final 15 seconds along with some godawful humor where the harem gets jealous. Let's go out on a high note.

Final Thoughts:

Even among the stable of terrible magic school light novel action things, this is particularly devoid of worth. It wholeheartedly embraces every terrible cliche without a single creative thought of its own or even vaguely threatening that it's trying to mix them up at all. The characters are nothing but hopeless cliches screamed from the rafters without any motivation or personality, the action is close to nonexistent for most of the run, and the story could be outpaced by a three-toed sloth with three toes cut off. The brief time in the second episode where it actually buckled down and focused on the action was pretty solid, but those five or six minutes are nothing like what the rest of this wretched affair was. Its sole contribution to the field may be that it makes its fellows in the hall of shame like Absolute or Cavalry seem that much better in comparison. Only the fact that most of the rest of the season was astonishingly even slower paced and less ambitious, or collapsed in a mess of nonsense, made it even have the whiff of tolerability. And a whiff is all that it had.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Its kind of impressive how catgirl robomaid could snipe a remote control from 200 meters with a single shot but managed to fail to hit a woman like 10 times at 50 meters.

  • gedata says:

    The one time I sit through one of these magical high school LN things, it turns out worse than most of the ones I dropped. Tuh-riffic

  • Paulo27 says:

    So is the trap the main girl in this show?

  • The Phantom says:

    So the day was saved by the same lame stills with bad singing in the background and a ghost loli kissing MC, o yea and the power of friendship: Because we are friends!

    Fuck this show seriously, is just poorly written and cliche ridden all around, the imouto for example has been on wheelchair for her whole life, was kissed by some random ghost and was magically (temporary?) cured, she cared? no she could barely give a damn about it, she even forgot about it on the next scene, lets not even mention tie-tits ridiculous motives or the sudden final boss farted out of nowhere.

    I fear all these LN clones are worse every season, just imagining what we will get in 2 years gives me the the chills.

  • arknoir says:

    Infinite Stratos is a harem cliche now?

    All I’m taking from this anime is silver trap was super creepy as sin and a stalker to the point I’m concerned as a viewer.