Re: Zero #09 — A Magic Dog Did It

May 29th, 2016


Every time I think this can't get any dumber…

I'm reneging on my Hundred statement earlier. I have brunch plans tomorrow now. I'll still get to it earlier than usual, but not immediately.


Another week of this interminable, godawful arc being interminable and godawful. We finally reveal at least the immediate source of the curse, some kid's dog. Which bites him and is the source of his curse. And also takes out a whole bunch of kids. I guess being bitten and the sudden overnight death of a half dozen children in the village next door in the previous loops were just things not worth mentioning until now. They probably would have been his fault too anyway. Because this is probably being written by the same imbeciles as the recent imbecilic season of Flash. Jesus, literally only one thing happened in that village visit; being bitten by a dog. Pretend that this is a shocking reveal all you want… halfway into the episode. That's not going to make it so.

And that's about 95% of what this episode brings; "It was a magic dog with more magic dogs." The other 5% is evenly split between production problems, particularly the weird animation at the start and awkwarder stills later and the 'surprising' reveal that at least one maid might be marginally more magically unhinged than previously indicated and all that story crap from like a month ago is even more 'surprisingly' meant to be taken even more literally. At least the jackass died again, doing the only thing he's ever capable of doing, pushing a girl. Way to be a hero, hero.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • elior1 says:

    i had a feeling since the first time they visited this village that dog has some role in this deaths

  • Anonymous says:

    Well…at least we will have a Flashpoint next season of Flash…except without the Amazons or Atlantis or skynny Superman.

  • gedata says:

    “I guess being bitten and the sudden overnight death of a half dozen children in the village next door in the previous loops were just things not worth mentioning until now”

    To be fair, the curse must’ve overtaken them at the same time it did Subaru in that one ep (resulting in a reset) and blue maid in an another (everyone was too busy dealing with her death to notice).

  • Anonymous says:

    still on namek

  • Longing says:

    The big reveal about why people have been dying is stupid? Shocker.