Kabaneri #05 — Karate Zombie

May 12th, 2016


Just because you're a shambling undead, that doesn't mean you have to neglect the dojo.


Slower than last week's episode, which puts more weight on the writing, and we've already established how poor an idea that is. The main focus was on Mumei and learning the importance of teamwork, friends, and not to tell children to be happy that their dogs are dead. Well, it would have been had they gotten to that this week. We only got as far as "Mumei's so awesome and strong and great, but oh no! She got smacked in the head when she ran off to fight by herself." Which left the action mostly being Mumei taking potshots at a few zombies, cutting away, and then cutting back to large piles of the dead. It wasn't the show's best foot, even if it did still comparatively beat some other Thursday show's ass up and down the aisle by not cutting away to the peanut gallery every fifteen seconds.

I can't say that I'm a fan of suddenly heaping a hundred pounds of angst onto the 'kooky' manic pixie girl, and the more they have characters singlehandedly slaughter entire hordes of them at a time, the harder it is to buy into the zombie apocalypse. They're going to need to move on to something other than large hordes of easily dispatched grunts, particularly since this week's horde was back to lazy shamblers… except for the one who decided he was fed up with shambling and instead picked up martial arts. Yeah, there's just one karate zombie in the horde. And it snuck up on her somehow before spending the rest of its time screaming. Possibly even more unfortunately, they seem to be attempting to up the ante/score at the very end of the episode by introducing a giant uh… cloud zombie? One might even call it a titan. A titan that attacks. Hmm…

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Javi says:

    They call it Black Smoke, but rather than a cloud or an actual titan it seems to be a Granfaloon (or Legion) to use a Castlevania reference. A collective of corpses that can take shape and act as a single entity.

  • algorithm says:

    Achievement unlocked. Now loading.

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea they had to show a titan did not they? Well they are still showing bits of action so I guess this is still going ok, the big reveal is that both Mumei and doofus MC are slowly turning into Kabanes… until they introduce the magical medicine that will stop that altogether.

    • Longing says:

      You’re a fool. It will be love and friendship that cures them of becoming Kabanes!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is true Japanese spirit, even undead they work on their sword skills and karate.American zombies can only work the gas pump.I don’t get why MC boy is such an ingrate towards the MC girl, are there some chapters that did not get animated(it also felt like that when out of the blue some charters got thrown into the last cart as sympathizers)?I mean last ep he was all “don’t give me orders” and he he is assuming she is starting trouble, which is not the case but even if she was starting trouble its not like people on the train have not been annoying ingrates and the whole bit with the dog did not help(she was tactless but don’t they live in a post apocalyptic world, why do they even have dogs?there is a food shortage that causes constant fights but they have enough to feed a dog?).
    her rushing in was foolish, I guess it gave us more action but is it really action if there are just effortless fights with barely animated flailing around?would have been “hilarious” if foolish actions of both protagonists caused the train to just fall into the pit and kill everyone