Hundred #09 — Now Spit in Her Mouth

May 30th, 2016


One day, a protagonist is just going to hock a loogie, and I will likely chuckle.


I'm not even know what to say about the start of this episode. I seriously mean that. One moment it would be showing some solid action despite the haze of rain and darkness, the next second, there would be shouting to speedlines and a grand pause to announce everybody who's in a thirty yard range, then we sort of cut away from everyone to focus on Emilia cleaning house, all business, pile-bunkering mouthy twaddlecakes in the gut. After that, the budget collapsed again right before the protagonist got sucked into the flashback dimension where he learns the tragic backstory of Team Angst. By the time he returns, he's powered up by friendship for whatever inane reason, allowing him to harness his inner berserker or whatever, which mostly manifests itself in the way he won't shut the hell up about it. I mean, up and down is better than just down across the board, but like the second episode, all they're really doing is highlighting what the show could have been, which is the opposite of what it is for the other 97% of the time.

As for the the second half, who the hell cares? It was back to zero budget, glacially paced, nothing happening, cliche-ridden garbageville. Some Savage showed up and politely hovered in place, being invincible and occasionally firing random lasers at not-them, while they sat around discussing nothing at all until they expanded on the already extant cliche of the protagonist needing to kiss harmettes by making his spit work as a power up thing too because that's how alien magic herpes works. And then it wasn't invincible any more and immediately died, but conveniently, the protagonist dropped into a lake and got to end the episode convalescing as the harem visited him and/or was caught trying to crawl into bed with him, as 95% of these light novel arcs must end by law. Dare to be creative, guys.

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Maid crap? Seriously?

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  • The Phantom says:

    Yea the kiss-power up was absolutely ridiculous, the personality of this girl died on episode 1, was not this blondie the bitchiest bitch ever?