Hundred #08 — Buoys

May 23rd, 2016


Because why not take a bath in the middle of monster-infested territory in the middle of the night?


Wait a minute here. The side characters have a rogue AND a witch? Why the hell are we stuck with these putzes then? Forget the haphazard genre mishmash and their lack of commitment to the ugly skintight rubber. They're getting better than the main characters by the second, despite solely existing to job to the antagonists… off screen… in a particularly weak attempt to build them up as a cliffhanger for next week. A very… very extended cliffhanger. Maybe if the antagonists had tossed a severed head into their laps, or gouged out an eye or two, we could've pretended, but no. They're lying on the ground and a little bit scuffed. See how their defeat is utter and total? Witness the brutality of the enemy. What hopeless odds the protagonists are up against this time.

And finally getting to the protagonists, all they have are being annoying, boobs, and shots straight up their asses, which would also be the things that this episode attempted to stretch out to fill an entire twenty minutes because actual content is haaaaaaaaard. So here's yet more of the annoying girl from the end of the previous episode being annoying in that totally 'hilarious' haremy way that makes everyone blush and stammer instead of kicking her the hell out of everything like we used to for anybody who dared speak out of turn, followed by Tits soaking her Tits and raising some serious questions about how rigid and water impermeable her hair is. And what levity was to follow when she fell on him and her tits got all over him. How droll.

Next Episode:

Why does every fight take place in the middle of the night? Oh right, the budget.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Longing says:

    “Why does every fight take place in the middle of the night? Oh right, the budget.”

    I thought it was to show off their neon glow-stick outfits.