Hundred #07 — Screaming Banshee

May 16th, 2016


Yeah, that's a character I think we can all enjoy.


First episode of a new arc, so of course, it has to blow goats. I really question the wisdom of constantly highlighting the two sidekick characters. So far, they seem infinitely more likeable and interesting than the main ones, not to mention have a healthier relationship that doesn't make me want to strangle all of them. The only real strike against them is the male's absurdly low rider bikini bottom. I'm assuming he and Blondie are waxing buddies because they're both well past the forest and half an inch from exposing the peak/valley respectively.

Anyway, a particularly dull episode about evenly split between nonsense and exposition. Not actually going anywhere. Maybe later. More like random tits, random setup for no doubt the final arc (probably unpleasantly this one stretched out), and then a completely random introduction to a character who's like nails on nails on a chalkboard while strangling fifty piglets. But isn't all this setup about our super special statises sister totally intringuing? No? Well, how about a lesbian that sets a new bar for immature imbecilies with the self-control of a brain-damaged chihuahua injected with fifty kilos of methamphetamines? Although Protagonisto was doing a good job competing with her. "Why's she keep calling you a princess?" "Well, you see, I'm a princess." "WHAAAAAAT!?" Except imagine that conversation lasted closer to a minute. And imagine the animation getting constantly royally dicked up the entire time she's around. So a screaming imbecile who screws up the animation. What a fantastic character to end this otherwise thrilling episode on.

Next Episode:

More tits.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I too like two sidekick characters Fritze and whats her name.The moment I started watching the ep I was surprised to find Fritze there since its rare for there to be a non gay male/complete subservient friend to a main male lead.Im sure he will show up in the final fight and do all that is expected of him but so far he seems like a chill dude. I also started keeping tracks of all the unnecessary drama/cliffhanger they are trying to pull like having the blonde one pull a gun on her brother,who dumped all the exposition but Protagonist will ask about it at least 3 more times since he is the “WHAAAAAAT!?”type guy. the whole 2 clocked antagonists “inconspicuous” passing the protagonist by with the end shot being on antagonist glowing eye works as a cliffhanger only in manga(its not like they will start a fight in the street) and even then you would have to be unexpired with general manga trendeds.5$ says chihuahua will at some point play emails(yeah that is what I will call her)girlfriend so they can dispel the rumors without having her reveal that she is a girl.why am I watching this?

  • Tiresias says:

    >So far, they seem infinitely more likeable and interesting than the main ones, not to mention have a healthier relationship that doesn’t make me want to strangle all of them.

    This show would be magnitudes more tolerable with them as the main leads