Hundred #06 — Eyes Made of Swords

May 9th, 2016


I wonder if they're paying royalties to Type-Moon.


It's really seeming like the only episodes of this show worth a damn are the ones focused on the action at the end of each arc, and at least they continue to not be embarrassingly terrible at the action when they do get around to it, or maybe I just have battered wife syndrome with this season. And yet, it still felt like we missed a large chunk of fight somewhere at the start as they totally glossed over Whose-His-Face actually fighting against the thing. The very patient thing that mostly just sat there, waiting for them to attack and only occasionally fought back. So yeah, still not great, and chock full of utterly unnecessary exposition; my favorite this week being something along the lines of "I'm going to attack this monster!" announced in the middle of attacking. I was totally lost about what might be going on with swinging a sword at a monster until that was explained.

The somewhat more interesting bit was the introduction of the antagonists, other infected-types, which was handled decently enough, or maybe it's again, just that the last two episodes were that unbelievably godawful that half an iota of effort was welcome. The protagonists held their own against them for the most part though, so at least for now, they managed to actually be menacing and a bit unhinged without being ridiculously overpowered and only defeatable by the writers declaring that it is currently time for them to be defeated in the future. Again though, still ridiculously heavy on announcing all manner of unneeded nonsense. That was to come afterward in the second half of the episode, which was almost entirely info dumps and back to the imbecilic idol crap, then imbecilcer harem antics, and imbecilicest next week apparently with a goddamned beach episode. 

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