Hundred #05 — Utter Mental Bankruptcy

May 2nd, 2016


I am painfully bored and full of regret.


This show may be a representative for this whole season. No matter how terrible it may look now, not only can it always get worse, but it will get worse. Slowly, tediously, boringly, and with as many cliches, infodumps about cliches, and general idioticness as possible. Let's cover what we have here. Childhood friend amnesia, bathing suits, exposing tits because they're all imbeciles, falling crotch first on Protagonisto's face despite all involved being hyper-athletic highly coordinated fighters, a date where they inexplicably duck into an enclosed space and have to mash fleshy bits together, and flashbacks about exploited experimented on superkids. Why did any of this exist? Obligation. What did it add to the ongoing plot? What ongoing plot?

I think I'll go through my folder of scripts I wrote to help with various translation tasks and post about that on Wednesday. There's at least as much of a plot going on there than in the last week and a half of anime I've watched, combined.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    My current theory on the present state of writing and directing is that what we are seeing is the result of today’s writers and directors growing up on video games and having no knowledge of literature or cinema.

    Mamoru Oshii used to reference Fellini in Urusei Yatsura. Today’s anime creators wouldn’t know Fellini if you had Anita Ekberg fall on them boobs-first.

    • Germanguy says:

      or mostly the writers forget to give them a proper background, like “if you want to know more of her, Google it!”

  • Fuwaa says:

    You should mashup the screenshots you’ve taken of these different shows and turn them into one story with a plot, and then review that.

  • Longing says:

    Are you kidding? We found out incredibly important plot points. Idol-girl met the main character as a child and is the reason for her becoming an idol in the first place. Not only that, but they both have the same rare power. I’m learning a lot from this show. So far, it’s taught me that if you do one or two nice things for girls when they’re 5, they’ll love you forever.

    Can’t wait for the episode where drill-haired girl remembers that she met the main character as a child and he smiled at her once or something.