Black Corpse #07 — Cones Between Cones

May 19th, 2016


Let's all dress in full body armor and stare at them.


I rolled my eyes at the start since it seemed to be going towards Whiney Female Lead being a melodramatic dipwad about fighting and/or daddy issues, but then it's like they got bored of that (a sentiment I can get behind), and started tossing up a totally random set of scenes with absolutely no sense of purpose or connection. Here's a bunch of classmates. Here's random base workers. Now, let's look at some T&A in a swimsuit section. That working for you? No? Melodrama again? Nope, still just her feeling sorry for herself. Here's some space knights sitting around a rotating cone suspended between two more cones, in full armor, because that's how you attend budgetary meetings, in full armor. Still bored? Well, here's some cooking. Some melodramatic, whiney cooking. Thus goes the entire episode.

What a mess. What a stupid mess. This show is a mess. We're seven episodes in, and the primary thing it's accomplished is making Kabaneri's writing seem not that bad. The characters remain poorly defined, the plot is nonexistent, and the emubots are nowhere to be found. The emubots are all this stupid thing ever had. This was another meandering episode that was all over the place, particularly after the halfway point where it totally abandoned any pretense of a narrative or structure. Which could've been an improvement since the first half was mostly the Whiney Female Lead feeling sorry for herself, but there was still plenty of that. Shame on me for thinking a PA Works show might not be a tortuous, wandering, vapid few months of utter nothingness.


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  • Sanjuro says:

    I just saw this is going to be 26 episodes. I can’t stomach that many episodes, so I’ll drop it.
    I don’t see you getting through this without lots of booze.