Black Corpse #06 — Meanwhile, Everywhere Else

May 12th, 2016


This is nearly Dragonball-like pacing.


Remember how last week ended with an exceedingly long bit of them deploying for battle? Well, guess what this one began with. Repeated footage of that and then yet more transit. It isn't until six minutes into the episode that Protagonisto took his first swing at the enemy. This one swing lasted for about twenty seconds of grunting and glaring before the excitement was just too much for everybody and we had to cut away again. Then they returned to show a couple more awkward swings before cutting away again. This kept happening through the entire first half. For every twenty seconds of action, there was always a minute or two of random people taking pictures on their phones, or strapping into some other robots somewhere else, or just technobabbling.

Even when it did buckle down in the second half and was more focused on the ridiculously overlong semi-fight, it was constantly cutting into the cockpits where they didn't have to animate jack squat and pretend like there were long pauses for people to have extended conversations. And throughout the whole thing, the music droned. Silence eventually came as ambrosia to the ears. It's also annoying to have them so obviously abuse "damage doesn't count unless the writers say it does." Getting stabbed does absolutely nothing to the protagonist's robot for… you know… reasons, but it's an instant kill for the enemy, because… you know… reasons.


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