Tanaka is a Lazy Douche #01 — The Valium Experience

April 9th, 2016


Too bad the title spoiled the only joke.


This is just as fantastic as I expected a one note 'comedy' about someone who's always sleeping to be. Pretty much every joke is "You sure are lazy." One time, he falls out of his chair. That, however, is not the joke. The joke is when the straight man says, with speedlines, "He fell out of his chair!" At least the total lack of an animation budget, which gets so bad at times that they can't even draw backgrounds, keeps the shouting and/or straight men's announcement of the current situation from being too obnoxious. Not funny either, and every one of these "Look at how lazy he is and how he keeps trying to fall asleep" things generally takes half a minute to suffer through. You could probably cut this down to about a four minute short before you'd have to start removing any jokes, that's how much empty space there is.

I don't know who this is supposed to be for. I'm sure the manga is 'funny" in much the same way that Garfield or Family Circus are. The only thing moving to this new medium has added is lazy piano elevator music and voices. There's just the one character with his one gimmick, and a pack of straight men describing how this gimmick exists. Slowly and with great pauses in between them. I can't imagine who would want to watch this or why. Maybe as a sleeping aid.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    I don’t think there are any “straight men” in this anime. Get it? Har har har.

  • anise_punter, formless blob expert says:

    _Boys_ faffing about and not doing anything? What kind of heresy is this?

  • PP says:

    “I don’t want to be my life’s protagonist.”
    I don’t want you to be this show’s protagonist, kindly fall asleep and never wake up, thanks.

  • Sol says:

    Manga works much better.