Stray Dogs #01 — It’ll Stick That Way

April 6th, 2016


An overreaction is not a punchline.


Boy, today's just overreaction central, isn't it? As quintessentially Japanese a… I hesitate to say style, but style… as it is, it always annoys me, above and beyond trying to use it like a visual laughtrack when no actual joke has been made at all. It makes the characters come off as a pack of samey, immature, obnoxious dickwhistles, and kills any chance of contrast when you've already blown "shocked horror" on "ordered a steak medium-well." Characters end up robbed of their ability to actually display emotion while simultaneously making every one of them into oblivious imbeciles. No amount of trying to play it off as a joke is going to fix that. Least of all when you have characters gaping in shock for an entire minute, which is the 'subtle' clue to pad out the time and trigger yet more exposition because everyone has diarrhea of the mouth and an unstoppable compulsion to give their life story to everyone they meet. Luckily, it always happens to be another protagonist.

Anyway, here we have a show based almost entirely around making stupid faces for the camera and exposition. The 'action' part of this 'action' ''''comedy'''' show lasts less 50 seconds, and includes multiple stills and 10 seconds of explaining his power while the supposedly berserk tiger helpfully hovers in place, twice. This coming both before and after explanations about the dumbass kid having powers while he very, very slowly… showed that he has powers. Adaptation to an animated medium is really really hard, guys. So in the end, a bunch of characters acting like melodramatic dicks, which is supposed to be funny because they make weird faces, which is seemingly where most of the budget went. I'm sure it'll provide plenty of 'hilarious' reaction face screenshots for someone. Someone else.

Next Episode:

And then… he overreacts some more!

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