Re:Zero #01a — Welcome to the Land of the CGI Furries

April 3rd, 2016


Oh god, the horror.

This aired as a double length 'special', but my template is my template, and I can only process things in 24 minute bursts.


So, will they use the extra time to present an action packed half-movie full of fantasy, adventure, or magic? Or feature two guys dryly walking in circle while BSing each other? On a scale from one to the other, it ranks about at "Please knock it off with the CGI animal people. They scare me." It certainly wasn't an exciting fantasy adventure, and you're in a bad state when the magic pet is probably the least obnoxious character in the room, although no less guilty of providing unneeded exposition explaining things that were just shown. I also have serious questions. Like why were all the other animal people wearing clothes except for the cat? And why was it drawn with a permanent flushed face and sleek feminine thighs? No, seriously. I grew up with things like Minerva Mink, and this is weirding me out.

These questions become all the more important because the rest of the episode was 'filled' with a whole damn lot of nothing. This was especially bad in the second half when after a brief searching montage, the rest was spent bumming around and then helping some random lost kid find her mom, which took about two minutes before it was back to sitting on their asses. So the only adventure to be had in these twenty minutes was The Great Ass-Sit of Furryland. What does it promise to come? From this episode, I'd say a fascinating tale of listening to two dullards drone interminably. Maybe they were saving the 'fun' for the second half, but I'm going to put my money down now on the second half just making it all the way to reaching the show's premise about things resetting when he died like they teased in the opening seconds.

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