My Hero Academia #01 — And Then… He Overreacts To It!

April 3rd, 2016


Hilarious joke. Let’s tell it forty more times.


Bullies, snot nosed shrieking, and weirdly drawn faces of overreactions trying to pass as jokes. Jump Jump Jumpity Jump. I mentioned in the preview that with the recent re-explosion of popularity in the superhero genre, the very premise on which this hinges, that you need super powers to be a hero, strikes me as simply bizarre, but the problem apparently goes much deeper than that. I mean, it's Jump, so godawful writing and pacing is practically guaranteed, but when they try to play off things like "Want powers? Then kill yourself. Got a problem with that!?" as a joke, complete with vibraslap signifying that it's time to laugh, I really have to wonder if this was actually created by humans at all and not the moon men of Neptune.

We have all our usual Jump issues that immediately turn me off, most egregiously the godawful pacing and terrible explanation. It's not enough that there's a slime monster, it also has to spend half a minute explaining that it's a slime monster, the salient properties of slime, that having his face raped by slime means he can't breathe, and that not being able to breathe is bad. I am not even goddamned kidding. Don't expect One Punch Man-like fights here either. The first bout of action was almost okayish, with the usual Jump problem of spending four times as long on the peanut gallery and exposition as the fight itself, but the slime 'fight' was anything but, and a lot of it is animated deliberately cheaply, I think to try to give off a kind of retro style or maybe because trying to animate the ugly-ass weird overreaction expressions would be too hard. It's certainly very far from cheap, not abusing things like long shots of CGI roads or pans, but this episode sure as hell didn't give the impression of something that'd be worth watching just for the fights. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    >please don’t use your powers inside the school
    >breaks a table with his powers
    >no one does anything
    Ah, 14 year old bullies, amirite?

  • algorithm says:

    Aroduc’s superpower is to watch terrible japanese cartoons he hates without dying of boredom and cringe.