Hundred #04 — Someone Just Do Someone Already

April 25th, 2016


You know, he probably has space herpes. Use that as an excuse instead of being terrified of tiny Japanese women.

As if it was trying to cement my decision that it wasn't worth my time, Bakuon's episode this week was a 100% T&A bathing suit and bathtime thing. I get enough of that everywhere else already, and speaking of which…


This continues to be moderately tolerable when it's focused on the action, yet insipid, glacial, nothingness otherwise. This episode frontloaded the action, then doubled down on the insipidness by trying to hit Imbecile Bingo between sneaking into his bed, the pop idol who's totally only pretending to want to do him but actually already does want to do him because his protagonistness is just that much protagoniriffic, naked tripping associated with it, co-ed bathing and yet more will they/won't they stupidity. If you had cut out the unneeded nonsense that contributed nothing to characters or plot, this episode would've probably been about five minutes long, and half of that would have been the sparring match at the start.. and even that could have stood to have lines of exposition cut out. But no. We wouldn't be a light novel without faffing around and being henpecked by every single female in his life while all he can do is shuffle his feet awkwardly.

The sooner it gets to even a fraction of what the OP promised with the evil girls at the end, the better. If we're 'lucky', it'll continue the same trend as the first three episodes/opening arc did and the next two will only be insipid for half the episodes instead of 90%.

Next Episode:

Dear Souffle.

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