Hundred #03 — The Healing Power of Spitting in Your Mouth

April 18th, 2016


Yeah, that makes complete sense.


Any time I'm feeling the slightest bit charitable to this show for whatever reason, it's probably only a minute or two from doing something catastrophically moronic for reasons even it doesn't seem to understand. In particularly, the end of this episode. One of the few quasi-strengths of Cavalry last year was that it tried to have an actual relationship between the two leads without pissing around with the obnoxious usual cliches. This seemingly considered that, but then decided it'd rather double down on the godawful tripping over, breast groping, and accidental kissing by doing it twice in a row. I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for the show had Blondie just walked in on them with him balls deep inside his amnesia fated childhood alien herpes bangbuddy or whatever rather than this godawful nonsense. Plus "balls deep" is a fun phrase to say. Of course, I would've been equally happy had he actually killed the random obnoxious glasses girl in his berserker rage to give that crap some actual consequences and dissuade use of it in the future instead of the handwaving and lipservice over it that's no doubt coming.

I guess they finally abandoned pretenses about Whose-Her-No-Tits being a male and the action was mostly animated, so those are pluses. Well… a removal of an obnoxious negative and a semi-average to be more accurate. The five minutes spent saying "there are monsters, and as monster killers, we're going to go ahead and kill monsters" to start things off remained in the "catastrophically moronic" category though, as did all the godawful exposition. "She's shooting at its head because its head is its weak spot." Thanks, guys. Wasn't sure I could understand that without the explanation. The directing on the fighting was unfortunately back to terrible though. The monsters pretty much just sat there. Occasionally, one would shift slightly. The one who ate his Sugar Crusted Marshmallows this morning shot a beam which could only be overcome by grunting at it. So no, the choreograph from last week didn't make a return.

Next Episode:

A goddamned idol.

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  • Germanguy says:

    do i see a move to get out of the Infinity Startos shadow for this anime? the “shoking truth” that this Boy is a Girl?…

    Oh well, this anime is still not out of the Big IS Shadow