April 9th, 2016


It's difficult to even sleep through this.

I almost considered posting about Endride's second episode, just because it was so terrible. They fought a unicorn-pig with a crystal horn. And by fought, I mean each of the guys hit the horn once with their swords, while the girl sicced her pokemon on it. They won because someone had left a single flip-up iron board in the ground where they happened to be standing, apparently anchored enough to stop a giant charging unicorn-pig. They spent the remaining 12 minutes of the episode eating lunch and listening to exposition before all flying off in a rocket airship with Totally-Not-Cid.


I really wonder how these kinds of things make it even this far. "I've got these characters." "What personalities?" "Personalities? Uh, one uses magic." "So it's about that?" "No." "So what's it about?" "I'm not following." But it's all okay if you put some elevator music over it and call it slice of life. That makes the minute and a half introduction of watching someone ride a train and bus, or the countless shots of walking down halls or to and from places slice of lifey or whatever. Plus all the montages. And the characters are all… what's the PC term… blithering imbeciles pumped full of ritalin, so there are these constant pauses all over the place while their drug-befuddled brains try to keep up with the conversation. And on the top of that is staff that has only heard tell of this thing called 'humor' in the stories and legends of yore. One 'joke' was "My name's not X, it's Y." Or another one was "She isn't listening to me."

The only time that the show threatened to show even the slightest hint of life was a minute or two from the end with the mandrake, which they spent literally 30 seconds having her grunt as she yanked on it. I guess that was supposed to be funny. That was followed by 20 more seconds of it screaming as they showed random shots around town. So in this case, life means a blood-curdling scream that went on for about 15 more seconds after the joke had been made solely to go out on the worst note possible, so you can't even call it relaxing, which I think disqualifies it from attempting the excuse of being 'slice of life.'

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  • Anonymous says:

    I had a sensible chuckle or 2 but I did not much care for this show about developmentally stunted witch girl,which sucks for me since some of my friends loved this show and now im stuck watching it.