Endride #01 — The Paperclip… OF EVIL

April 2nd, 2016


I still don't know if it's "end-ride" or "en-dride".


After about five minutes, the only thing to happen was a montage where the sound guy was way more into it than everyone else, and Spikey Haired Teen's dad didn't show up for birthday dinner. We all know the premise, either from knowing the first thing about the game or watching the disturbingly soulful OP. Why the goddamned ever loving hell do we then need half an episode of Normal McEveryteen and his Normal McEverylife? Could that have just gone without saying? Numerous shows of this ilk have started at the point that this takes 10 minutes to get to, and worse, it even jumps back to Muggleworld briefly later to assure us that Spikes really has disappeared.

It might've been able to pull things back if fantasyland was solid, but it's Brains Base, so of course not. Also, most of the action is pretty close to embarrassingly awful, made even worse when one of them grunts and withdraws their magic super weapon, a large paperclip. They then proceed to fight by mostly showing a closeup of a face while fireworks go off a few feet away. The fight that got all the budget had approximately four swings before they fell into a river. The writing's also already squibbly with both a mercy-showing 'evil' king, and the first reaction to appearing in a jail and being told to come quietly by the guards is to try to kill all of them. So not only does it move slowly, but it acts and looks like a butt when it does decide to get off its ass and show its best.

Next Episode:

More speedlines.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    Leomon kicks the bucket when?

  • Sol says:

    Looks like a Gatsby hair gel commercial.

  • Sanjuro says:

    The most absurd thing I found about this episode is that there’s such a thing as a crystal shop.

    • DLP says:

      Now that sailor moon is back, they have returned to Tokyo.

      What was with the guy’s red socks? They were an eye sore.

  • sarukah says:

    The fanny pack backpack and those absurd front pockets! WHY DOES HE EVEN WEAR THE FANNY PACK BACKPACK WHEN AT HOME OR EVEN LOUNGING IN BED IN THE ED?! He dresses like a goofy 9 year old, good gosh.

  • DLP says:

    Here I agree with the review: this was just kind of bland.

    Though having a guy obsessed with crystals instead of a girl was a vaguely interesting twist. Moon prism power!

  • The Phantom says:

    Male lead was abysmal, is gayfriend was also annoying, the action was laughable, and the plot seems already boring, is not this a copy of a another way too similar show?