Cerberus #01 — “I Don’t Know. Add Speedlines?”

April 4th, 2016


The way this show abuses speedlines should be a crime.


Oh animation budgets. You're so hilariously lacking at times. I really wonder what goes through their heads when they put together things like "one guy punches the air and everybody flies in random directions." Putting speedlines over it or shaking the camera doesn't make that not look ridiculously stupid. Then, again, there's also an animal girl dressed in a schoolgirl outfit who shoots beams out of her umbrella, and we're supposed to buy that street waifs don't care about money because the guy throwing it around is evil or something. And also a world where when a thief snatches something out of your hand as you're looking at it, it takes three or four seconds of staring at your now empty hand before realizing what happened. This happens over and over again. Maybe they're all high off their asses. Oh, and have I mentioned the switchblade swords? Because only the protagonist has a regular sword apparently. Generic guards all carry 5 foot long switchblades.

So no, the writing and production are certainly not strengths. It does avoid the usual pitfalls of obnoxious over-introduction to a tremendously generic fantasy setting while also setting up the obvious quest to slay the evil dragon without feeling the need to explain all that (yet), but this episode still could've been half the length and covered the same amount of ground. I was going to say that the cocky protagonist was one of the few strengths, but then at the end, his babysitters showed up and once he finally cracked double digits for lines, he switched gears to petulant teenager. Oh, and he has the power of the dark dragon protecting him, so… yeah.

It certainly could have been far worse, but it's kind of reminiscent of Chaos Dragon in how it's all over the place, woefully poorly animated most of the time, and somehow both a haphazard mishmash of terrible cliches and terribler attempts at originality that are simply silly in a show that seems to have no understanding of how ridiculous the things it does are.

Next Episode:

Close ups of faces.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This almost felt like a parody, but like, it didn’t laugh at itself like they usually do so I’m not really sure if that was it. It just employed cliches like a parody usually would.