Black Corpse #03 — He Falls Down… And Then He Gropes Her!

April 21st, 2016


The joke that never stops being HIIIIIIIIIIII-larious.

All broadcasts of Kabaneri this week are episode 2 after being skipped last week due to the earthquakes. I already covered that, in Chinese net simulcast form though, so in effect, it's off for me this week. Unless, of course, the Chinese simulcasts just continue blithely on. I'd assume they're repeating episode 2 though. That said, the Sunday Hokkaido broadcast was NOT skipped last week, so it might be in effect, moving to Sunday. Or they might just not have announced that they're going to push that back yet.


My patience for this show is wearing pretty thin, and that's only blunted by how dismal the rest of this season is. This show is just crawling along, and since this is PA Works, it's inevitably going to get a lot worse before it gets… well… 50% chance for a godawful trainwreck of an ending and 50% chance to just sputter out into nothing like a fart in the wind. This episode featured a repeat of last week, where Chunky Monkey breaks out yet again, fights yet another robo emu, and saves yet another member of the not-princess not-royal family. Where is all this leading to? He moves in with them. What diverting shenanigans this will surely lead to. Oh wait, there was something new that they didn't do last week. During one of his escapes, he gropes a woman by squeezing her breasts when knocked down by her and she calls him a pervert. Dare to innovate, Japan. Dare to innovate.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    I demand gender equality, she falls down and gropes him! That would change things up. An actual dude, I mean, not having some horrifying abomination like Hapixier on the receiving end.

    Was the site down earlier or was it just on my end?

  • milk says:

    I tried google buy it doesn’t show any results, any idea where I can watch it?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, let’s say fuck all to the characters, we have to just blaze, blaze, blaze. Same fucking tired whining every time.