Black Corpse #01 — The Great Robot Emu War

April 7th, 2016


Don't ask Australia for help.

I only had time to do one of Black Corpse and Anne Happy before work. I chose this because the latter starts with about a 90 second "getting ready for school" montage . Everything else will have to wait. It'll be the afternoon of terrible comedies. What fun that shall be. And I'm including Kabaneri as a comedy.


Fantastic. Another episode that feels the need to spend half its length establishing that Jane Everygirl is in fact, Everygirl before magic meteors fall out of the sky, unleashing what would appear to be robot emus with lightsabers, lead by not-a-robot-emu. Way to commit to the theme. We also around this point simply abandon Jill Everygirl for a while despite 100% of the episode being focused on her, and only return when she starts pawing at strange objects to reveal naked samurai who mistake her for princesses, because apparently that's how we're playing this. Also, the robot emus bleed.

So we've got two shows here. The first half was bad of tedium, boredom, going nowhere, and explaining nothing that the boring normal girl is boring and normal, accomplishing nothing but making me completely despise her. Then in the second, everything in the first is more or less ignored, and we sort of turn into a fight against mecha-emus. Only kind of, because there's a particularly extended portion where it's just a bunch of people in cockpits or the command room yelling at each other, so it's not exactly thrilling either. At least it is animated when it comes down to fighting the emus, and contains more action than, say, Stray Dogs, but I'm probably going to also have to dock it points for the imbecilic reincarnation of the princess thing.

To recap then, the only character it spent any focus on has only the character trait of "boring," and at least 15 minutes of the episode are spent doing absolutely nothing. Also, robot emus.

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  • wey says:

    hmm maybe, NOT better not

  • Tiresias says:

    Reminds me of Jupiter Ascending, of all things

  • Jack says:

    Has this been released under a different name? I can’t find it listed as “Black Corpse” anywhere. Or maybe my Google-fu is letting me down this time. Anyone know of there is a legal stream of this (Hulu, Funimation, Crunchy, etc.)? Thx.

    • Jack says:

      @ residentgrigo – Awesome. Appreciate the help.

      Damn… Netflix for the legal stream, eh. What a bummer.