Bakuon!! #01 — “Large Breasts!”

April 4th, 2016


A joke so funny, let's use it thrice.


I didn't even make it to the fourth minute before both characters were grating, even without an obnoxious overlong introduction to either. Skipping the tedious introduction is great, but they're both immensely irritating. One has the brain of a six year old but thinks she's super mature and adult. The other also has the brain of a six year old. All of a sudden, the only thing in the former's world is to make the latter love motorcycles more than anything because… she's completely insane, I guess? Except that it's all presented in the standard girls doing club crap because friendship and their hobby is the greatest thing ever. Then they added the 'wacky' one, who wears a helmet at all times, doesn't speak, and is good at everything, so the Stig will be suing for copyright infringement any day now.

Probably the most incomprehensible part of this 'comedy' though, is how much of a production it made out of "motorcycles are heavy." If you think that concept is enough to carry nearly four minutes of the show, including both the joke "motorcycles are heavy" and be the vehicle for the triumphant victory scene of being able to lift a bike, then great news! Again, none of this is done with a trace of irony. The weirdest part is when the motorcycle goes all Night Rider and starts talking to her about being ridden. Sexually. That's probably the closest thing to an actual joke in the episode. Most of the rest of the 'humor' is either of the form of the 'mature' one being ignored when she tries to act super adult, or the stupid one screaming out some random nonsequitur. At least three were "She has big breasts." Japanese comedy at its finest.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Well, to be fair, blonde does have really freaking large breasts.

    And a face that looks 11ish, which is moderately unsettling.

    • I think they’re relying on Rin to carry the show for a while, the way Mai carried Musaigen no Phantom World.

      Big boobs have enormous carrying capacity.

      • anise_punter says:

        YMMV as to how Mai carried that show I suppose.

        I enjoy the “cute girls faffing about” genre but they need to have some humor in it, even the standard straight man & fool humor thought preferably slightly surreal stuff – I don’t think there were any actual gags in this episode and there were very few silly faces. I’ll watch this through to the end because that’s what I do with these shows, but I’m gonna need more humor than “Rin is #stacked” if it wants to be scored above a 5.

  • Sol says:

    So the moe-blob brigade finally desecrates the one remaining manly activity left on earth.

  • Sol says:

    Wait, is that a moe-Stig?!

  • jingoi says:

    The only thing keeping me interesting is that curly hair girl who looks exactly like a girl from the author’s doujin.