Utawarerumono 2 #25 — 15 Minutes of Montages

March 26th, 2016


At least it ended even worse than the show's gone.


Well, this was certainly different, but somehow even more godawful. Were you hoping that the entire first half was going to be a montage about how sad everyone was? Because good news, you get a goddamned ten minute montage before we then go back in time to reveal that people were actually magic snow sparklies all along, and for some inexplicable reason, they hand over a super mask and leadership of the rebel forces or whatever to a failed carpenter and general incompetent to pretend to be the dead jackass. This will then be followed by more goddamned montages. This isn't even an ending. This is where it should have been after around episode 4. Screw this. Screw you, White Fox. Screw this show.

Final Thoughts:

About three, maybe four worthwhile episodes, at the start and at around the halfway point. There was constantly the promise that war was going to come even while it spent ten straight episodes with nothing but taking baths and looking at gay porn. War did break out, but they spent both an episode going to it and then immediately left again after one poorly animated fight. The rest of the time was spent faffing around with a bunch of characters who never got any development, never served any point, and never did goddamned anything, including the protagonist, who was the same awkward dumbass from start to finish. His big moment? Blocking an attack in the final battle while the mentor character who should've died 23 episodes ago fought and his fanservice personalityless concubines cast the "win the battle immediately" spell that they had somehow forgotten they had until that moment. But for some reason, the sun and moon revolve around him because he's just that special.

This is a blight upon the original's name. Poorly animated, a pointless cast, and could have easily been cut down about 20 episodes with absolutely no loss of content. It's meandering, aimless drek that I regret sticking to the non-ending that it vomited up.

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  • Fadeway says:


  • Longhaul says:

    So much was cut from the VN that this would have been better off as a 12 episode series.

  • Sanjuro says:

    Aroduc translating Utawarumono 2 next confirmed.

    • JCA says:

      I’m pretty sure Utawarerumono 2 will get an official release. Tears to Tiara 2 did. Thus begins the age of PS3 exclusive all ages sequels to 18+ games. Of course, TtT2 was also decent, I have no such hope for Utawarerumono 2.

  • Anonymous says:

    the whole “I have to tell everyone Im dead” seemed like a contrived bull for extra melodrama.I have read some excuses for it but most seem like romanticized version of unnecessary suffering, the kind that almost got oshutoru beheaded,seen haku pull the same stuff despite being the one who called out oshutoru is strange. I guess haku is an idiot in addition to being incompetent. overall the show feels like those “self insert”(hate that description)shows where MC is just an pimping awesome guy like sao or overlord,he does all the important stuff and the world depends on him but here we have the same type of supporting cast but MC may as well be the background character #24123 as far as his personalty and importance to the plot go

  • anise_punter says:

    In retrospect, you should have sat through Komugi instead.

    Yeah, I would not have guessed that reboot would have been better either (though it was also pretty bad, it was not actively infuriating nearly as often)

    Good riddance to this, and I say good riddance because I can never remember the rules on cuss words here. [Redacted expletive] this show though, just [redacted expletive] it.

    • Aroduc says:

      There aren’t any and I rarely care much outside of racial slurs or the like. As much as I swear like a sailor in casual company, I don’t like doing it myself on the blog.

      Kind of like nipples.