Utawarerumono 2 #24 — Close Ups of Eyes

March 19th, 2016


Way to save the budget.


Far too little, far too late, and Haku still may as well not have shown up at all. The animation did take an awkward lurch upward, but still, for every five seconds of pitching explosions at each other, there were twenty seconds of close ups of eyes or just staring at each other. All going up to transforming into the big monsters so they could… pitch explosions and stare at each other. When they even bothered to get around to that, because the damn transformations began at 9 minutes in, and then we sat there looking at columns of light for the next two straight minutes. Sailor Moon takes less time to transform than that.

But wait, Haku finally did something and became part of the fight nearly 19 minutes in. He blocked an attack. That was it. And then everybody got sucked into the speedline dimension while Maskboy spent, again, not exaggerating, an entire minute falling through the air. The damn concubines did more than him, to say nothing of the rest of the 'main' cast, which was off on a boat for the entire episode. I have no idea what they're even going to do for the last episode to even pretend like the story is going to be wrapped up. Spend the whole thing looking at gay porn and taking baths?

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  • Fadeway says:

    premise almost fully introduced

  • Anonymous says:

    haku is useless